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Every Friday & Saturday from 5-9 pm, and Sunday from 11am-2 and 3-5pm you get to choose to create your own beer mug, stemless wine glass, heart shaped paperweight, or 2 1/2" round paperweight. To reserve your time, click on the create your own tab. This just reserves your time you will pay after you create your object with the glassblower. You will need a separate appointment for each person wishing to make a glass object.


Here are the prices as follows for Create your own objects:

Beer mug=$70

Beer mug with metal leaf=$90

Stemless wine glass=$60

Stemless wine glass with metal leaf=$80

Heart shaped paperweight=$40

Heart shaped paperweight with dichroic glass=$50

2 1/2" round paperweight=$50

2 1/2" round paperweight with dichroic glass=$60

Side note: paperweights are solid glass and does not require any blowing. Also all objects must cool in a kiln overnight and will not be available for pick up until the next day. Shipping is available. We will have examples of all of your options on display at the studio.