Make your next party a HOT event!

Sanctuary Glass Studio is the perfect place for that special party. So, if you are planning a birthday party, bachelorette party, family reunion, or any other type of party we think of, our studio can provide the best party for you! We are located inside Red River Brewery with The Smokehouse, so you can have food, drinks and fun all in one place! Call Michelle Pennington 419-461-0404 today!

Here are your options

Kids Birthday Parties - children 8 and older 10 participants minimum

Flowers-$40, Heart Paperweights $40, Round Paperweights $50, Ornaments $35

Adult Parties - $40 to $90 per person, depending on the object that is created.

Can choose up to two different objects for the group to make. 10 people minimum unless choosing items

$60 and above, then a minimum of 6 people per group.


Each person in your group will be able to do a “Create Your Own” work of art. Your guest will have the option of buying food separately

from The Smokehouse or purchasing some of the wonderful beers from Red River Brewing Co.You are able to bring in your own cake, 

and decorate your tables as you see fit as long as you complete removing these decorations after  the event is over. 


 To reserve your party we will need to hold your credit card information. If less than the minimum required show up in your party,

you will be charged a $350 fee or be given an opportunity to create more objects to fulfill our minimum. You can cancel your

party up to 24 hours before it starts with no fee.

Any people from your party who wish to participate in a “Create Your Own” event must sign a release prior to stepping into the glass studio. Participants should follow the dress code policy of closed toed shoes, natural fiber clothing, no loose clothing, and long hair tied back. You will be able to pick up the glass made during the party during the next business after 4pm.


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